Katharine Laird

Katharine has been interested in drawing and painting since childhood, going on to studying art at both school and college.

Since retiring from a profession in the public sector, Katharine has been painting professionally for nearly twenty years. Together with her husband, she teaches art to weekly groups and also offers workshops.

Katharine is fundamentally a pastel artist. She encountered soft pastels almost by accident at a night school course and has been committed to pastels ever since. She finds that soft pastels, with their wonderful colour range and versatility, best suits her style of painting and the wide variety of topics she chooses to portray.

Katharine's favourite topics include pets, farm animals, wildlife, landscapes and, when she has the opportunity, fantasy. In addition she particularly likes placing ‘ordinary’ things in extraordinary, or ‘comic’, situations. Examples are the Corgi on the Throne, and Mona Lisa cradling a ferret.

Katharine is happy to receive commissions and she can work from photographs.

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