Kisbet Bespoke

Kisbet Bespoke (aka Robin Ashley) is an Embroiderer and Costumier. He took the circuitous route of training in Archaeology before deciding a lifelong interest in crafts would be a more rewarding career, making everything from custom heirloom teddy bears to circus props before settling on custom embroidery and bespoke costumes.

Kisbet has lived in Wales on and off for two decades and is currently based near Abergele. His work can be seen in such diverse places as on stage at the Circus of Horrors, and on display in the Bowes Museum.

His work often combines a rather gothic and fantastical taste with moments of Nordic brightness (and the occasional skeleton, perhaps due to some archaeological subconscious habit).

Contact Kisbet Bespoke
Website: www.kisbetbespoke.com
Email: contact@kisbetbespoke.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Kisbetbespoke

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