Wende Arundale

Wende has always been fascinated by textile art and up until a few years ago it was usually fabric and thread, then quite by accident she came across wool felting whilst on holiday in West Wales. ‘How do they do that?’ she wondered, her quest was on.

She started by reading up, then did a workshop and she was off... it is very addictive. Wende loves the idea of using a natural fibre - it appeals her environmental side, she loved the colour range – no black and white here, she doesn’t need to follow a pattern or measure anything and she's thrilled that she can use a by-product from her local Welsh farmers who receive very little recompense for their fleeces, but the best bit is that she can let her imagination and needle run wild.

Wender was born and bred on the North Wales coast where she still lives her husband Phil. They run a fresh produce business from their small-holding where they also breed the Celyncoch Connemara ponies. She has a daughter living in New Zealand and a son who runs an agricultural contracting business from here and is yet to fly the nest!

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