Zoe Jones

Inspired by the British landscape, its archaeology, indigenous peoples and social history , Zoe uses a range of natural materials and mediums to explore and express her connection with the land.

Zoe is a Lecturer in Countryside Management, student of archaeology and self taught artist and crafts woman. She loves to experiment with a range of materials, feeling her way through processes and making many mistakes along the way. Her journey has been a life time in the making, taking many twists and turns. She's met many people along the way who have shared skills and inspired her creative mind. Starting with pencil in hand she explored the intricacies of lines and forms, from pencil came paintbrush and with that she worked her way through many frustrations creating fine art for a variety of interesting people.

At this current time she can be found with her hand in many disciplines, the bindery, creating books from leather and fabrics, the lamp workshop, manipulating wood and hide to produce Viking lamps, the pigment shop, grinding rocks and soil samples into paint, this is her new love, my connection with the ancestors of this place and producing work which touches the edge of the past as well as the nature of this place.

Inspired by others, by the land, by archaeology, by my own heritage, learning how to interact with materials who each offer their own unique experience for creativity to emerge. She would like to say that there is one art form she loves more than another however this isn't the case, she loves to express herself however she feels, whether this is painting, leather working, foraging for plant materials to make natural dyes, photography and more recently filming. The creative road is endless for her and as an artist who also expresses themselves through academic corridors, it gives her the opportunity to create a life in constant pursuit of learning.

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