Carl Gillam

Carl's inspiration for Woodland Art was rekindled after moving from the city of Liverpool to the beautiful Isle of Anglesey. After a career in building design and installation, Carl uses his artistic and creative abilities to create abstract and imaginative sculptures using natural locally sourced materials.

Like most children, Carl was enchanted with tales of folklore and the many myths and legends from around the British Isles and Europe. Over recent years, he has drawn on past influences and inspirations to produce art works using a variety of mediums including slate, wood and stone.

A passionate lover of nature and wildlife, his art work reflects the symbiotic relationship between man and the natural world.

TO PURCHASE CARL'S WORK: For all enquiries and orders please contact David Morgan via telephone 07946 788 735, or email david@artworks2.co.uk We can accept credit/debit card payments over the telephone.

Contact Carl
Phone 07970 827 595
Email carl@gillwood.co.uk
Website www.carlgillam.com

No 13 Labyrinth - £155, Height 52cm
A difficult piece to construct, the emergence of a figure within the confines of the forest embodies entrapment and finding the right path.

No 4 The Watcher - £140, Height 60cm
These creatures from European folklore were tall, silent and imposing. Rarely seen, but always present in woods and forests.

No 3 Embrace - £115, Height 40cm
Set within a large piece of ancient ivy, a shape emerges from the twisted timbers. By turning the piece, images appear which show emotion and sensuality.

No 17 The Quarrymen of Bethesda - £55, Height 22cm
Unusually, I felt that this small work could be nothing else. A barren landscape with a single tree stump providing guidance on a cold wet evening to two weary, welsh quarrymen stumbling through wasteland on their long walk home.

No 5 Hello Sunshine - £110, Height 60cm
This piece with its movement and posture sybolises a perfect day when the smells and sounds of nature come together and there is a golden sun warming your face.

No 11 Nephilim - £145, Height 60cm
With one line in the book of Genesis and a larger description in the book of Enoch, the Nephilim were the offspring of an unholy union between fallen angels and the daughters of men. They were reputed to be giants possessing great strength.

No 6 Faces in the Wood - £65, Height 32cm
This mature oyster shell made its presence known as many different faces appeared during changes in the light. It reminded me of the native American spirits who were ever present providing guidance and comfort to the tribes.

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