Linda Caswell - Jewellery

Linda lives and works in Wales, surrounded by majestic scenery overlooking the Rhinog Mountains.

Born in the south of England, Linda's first experience of clay was at an evening class, and she was so captivated that in 1986 she gave up her career and moved to Harrogate to study ceramics full time. She set up her first studio in Harrogate and continued to live and work there until 1996, when she moved from Yorkshire to her current home and studio in Wales.

Linda works in porcelain, introducing colour into the clay itself to produce a range of decorative agateware: a traditional technique used in a new way. She enjoys exploring the nature of the porcelain she is currently using, which is translucent and very white. This means that she can create very crisp colours and enables her to work with thin sheets of clay.

Her working methods, quite different from those used by most other potters, have evolved over several years and produce highly individual ceramic pieces. Linda is rarely content to stay where she is from a creative point of view and she looks forward to developing her work in the future.

Linda makes jewellery using the same techniques of colour in the clay that she employs in her other work. The pieces are not glazed, but polished after firing, giving them a stone-like quality - truly "porcelain agateware". A feature of my making methods mean that pieces may be similar, but never identical. She uses surgical steel to make the ear wires for her earrings and cotton thong to hang the pendants. The length of the pendants is adjustable.

Contact Linda

Telephone: 01766 540 237
Email: lindacaswell@hotmail.com
Website: www.lindacaswell.co.uk

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